ZayTheGOAT Redefines The Term Unbothered With ‘It Is What It Is’

ZayTheGOAT - It Is What It Is

Emerging Charlotte rapper ZayTheGOAT details new song and video for ‘It Is What It Is’.

Serving as a voice of reason for the unheard, Zay’s latest offering takes an introspective viewpoint on what problems begin to surface on the road to riches.

Directed by FoolWithTheCamera, the video finds Zay identifying an outlier within his immediate circle, a disgruntled individual that can’t grasp the concept behind staying down until you come up.

“I made this song for people like me who have trouble coping with their problems, for people who have a ‘it is what it is’ demeanor about problems,” Zay explains. “Your homie gonna cross you, your girl gonna cheat, people gonna doubt you and talk shit about you. BUT F**K IT, IT IS WHAT IT IS” Zay continues.

The record is truly reflective of Zay’s unyielding demeanor with regard to his work ethic and also teaches a valuable lesson on the importance of knowing when to cut off dead weight, a blunt but warranted truth.

With a laudable approach on combating the burden behind being bothered by haters and naysayers alike, this latest release is a mere glimpse into what the Social Currency Enterprise star has planned for the future.

Check out the new visual below, released via EMPIRE.

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