Video: Key Glock “Yea!!”

Harking back to the days of Hype Williams with his most extravagant video to date, Key Glock was recruited by Master P to have his song “Yea!!” included in the soundtrack of the sequel to his 1998 film, I Got the Hook-Up, due out in theaters this May. “Yea!!” is as energetic and colorful as the Tay Keith-produced audio, bringing to life scenes from the upcoming film with the help of Instagram sensation Fatboy SSE. If the comic narrative weren’t enough, the video packs in Glock’s luxurious Versace threads, dozens of gorgeous models, vintage fighter jets, and computer-generated clips from the Street Fighter video game series. With 9.3 million streams on Spotify, “Yea!!” is one of the highlights from Glockoma, the Paper Route EMPIRE signee’s late 2018 mixtape, and the latest video following “Crazy” (1 million views on YouTube), “Bottom Of The Pot” (1.7 million views), and “Since 6ix” (11 million views). I Got the Hook-Up 2 is set to be released 21 years after the original film and stars Master PRomeo MillerAJ JohnsonJohn WitherspoonFatboy SSE, and more.

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