“Off The Porch” w/ P3G Trap

We recently chopped it up with rapper P3G Trap to talk about coming from a small South Carolina town called Edgefield, why he chooses to write his raps over freestyling, keeping his raps authentic, growing up on No Limit rappers, taking music serious after his friend passed away in a car accident, he explains what P3G stands for, he tells us he worked 60 hours a week for a full year to save up to build his own studio, he talks about getting shot 2 weeks before being sentenced to 2 years in prison, he talks about working closely w/ producer 706Hitz, he talks about his new single “Big High” that features Guap Tarantino, he breaks down his recent “Workin” EP w/ PaperChasinMoney, what to expect on his next project, plans to act in his first movie soon and more. Check it out below.

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