“Off The Porch” w/ BigSmokeChapo & Fluhkunxhkos

Growing up in the violent impenetrable streets of South Atlanta’s Metro Area, Clayton County; emerging artist BigSmokeChapo and Fluhkunxhkos are destined for stardom. Serving as members of the promising and rising Rich $lime Gang consisting of fellow popular members Slimesito and Black Gwaluh (Both currently incarcerated) who all uniquely add a significant amount of importance to the emerging collective with they’re power to standout individually with their talents.

Enduring in they’re fair share mischief, Smoke and Hkunxhkos share their experiences of life in Clayco, how R$G originated, the importance of carrying the Jurassic Park legacy Slim Dunkin left behind, and how they ultimately decided to transition their lives for a better future jumped off the porch to make it all happen.

Tap into the captivating interview below!

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