Talk of the Town: A Conversation With Nyketown Ju

Nyketown Ju

Nyketown Ju doesn’t have a lazy bone in his body. His whole life has revolved around the art of hustling, branded by stained pots and cups of drank with a purple hue. Legend has it that he remains in the kitchen ‘till this day, trying to double up. 

A skeletal plot for a personal narrative on the life of a Gamecock State legend is the best way to describe Nyketown Ju’s catalog. His music bears enough details to place any listener in the driver seat, offering a first-hand account of life through the eyes of a natural wordsmith. He’s like a raconteur for the streets. But the thing is, everything was earned, nothing was given – or as Nyketown asserts, “I am the one who took the stairs, not the elevator, to reach success.”

Emboldened by a burning desire to maintain his freedom, Nyketown has no intention of succumbing to a similar fate as some of his friends and relatives who have fallen victim to the streets. “Common sense will take you far,” are words to live by, especially when you’re battling fake love and the problems that come with being in a position of influence. It’s Nyketown’s pragmatic perspective that has afforded him the opportunity to be a voice: a voice for the underdog.

Nyketown’s sticky songwriting and strangely convincing innuendos are needed today. In an era where music is so short-lived, there’s a demand for authenticity. There’s a need for intentionality – and at the present moment, Nyketown Ju has never been more intentional in his efforts to succeed. “I’m ready to elevate to the next level.”

While Nyketown’s mainstream ascent has been relatively slow-footed, he’s right where he needs to be. His storied success has been years in the making, accounting for many sleepless nights and hours invested in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. He’s still dodging the cuffs and taking penitentiary chances (in song), well on his way to becoming the “talk of the town.”

To the Gamecock State, what does Nyketown Ju represent? 

I am the one who took the stairs, not the elevator to reach success.

At what point did you start to take rap seriously? 

I’ve been rapping for a while, always on and off, but the last time I was released from jail I began to take it seriously.

When you listen to #FreeBeans, mentally, where does this project take you? 

It takes me on a passenger seat ride with a hustler.

Your music speaks on the streets and what problems come with that lifestyle. How do you get past that natural fear of oversharing with your listeners? 

Thin line, but common sense will take you far. I’m a lyricist. I can speak in many different word patterns and metaphors, but if you know you know. I speak on life in that lane from every perspective.

It’s evident that your hustle knows no limit, you’re willing to get it by any means. With everything you’ve experienced, what keeps you leveled? So many people in your position tend to crash out.

I tend to stay level headed because as the project is titled (#FreeBeans), I have too many friends and relatives that fell victim to the street life. That keeps me humble and sharp in a lot of aspects.

Are you content with where you are at this stage in your career or do you desire more?

In no way am I content but I am proud of what me and my manager has accomplished. No deal or budget, we shook hands and recorded with the best. I don’t have a feature or song with any artist where I didn’t hold my own. I’m ready to elevate to the next level.

What’s the hardest part about dealing with fake love? 

You have to accept it to level up because the rap game is fake behind closed doors and label meetings. Stay true to yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Do you ever think about life after rap? Beyond the music, what’s your legacy – how do you want to be remembered? 

I already have a solid foundation built from the ground up, Check Row Records. It’s more than a label, it’s a lifestyle.

What can the world expect from Nyketown Ju going forward?

You can expect me to be everything and more within the next 3 months. I’ll be the talk of the town. 

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