Mixtapes: Almighty Beezy – Strictly 4 My Vultures

Almighty Beezy has quietly been one of the most prolific and boundary-pushing artists in the city of Nashville for some time now but since his December 2020 release of his mixtape Neighborhood Hero he has seemingly found his sound, borrowing from the massive innovations coming from a few hours south down I-65 in Mobile, Alabama and much like the artists emerging there Beezy clearly takes a great deal of pride in both his lyricism as well as coming on the beat with a catchy flow that is going to set him up best for his carefully thought-out and often complex punchlines. At 13 tracks his latest project Strictly 4 My Vultures only continues Beezy’s prolific ways and showcases his distinctive beat selection and clearly he has a very good understanding of his voice and what he is going to sound best on. I am looking forward to watching Beezy bring this project to life with some visuals and hope he is able to stay so consistent going forwards because there are very few people in Nashville making music as interesting and emotion-filled as Almighty Beezy.

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