Interview: Dolo Tonight talks dropping out of College, pursuing music full-time, “Zoom” visual & more!

Meet New Jersey’s buzzing prodigy Dolo Tonight. The 22 year old has been establishing himself within the industry from not only his unique songs but his captivated lyrics.

Dolo Tonight recently dropped his highly anticipated visual for “Zoom”. The visual has racked over 270,000 views on YouTube and the single alone has been featured on numerous, major,  media platforms.

Check out our exclusive interview below:

Mikala: Hey! How have you been holding up during the lockdown, and have you been incorporating some self care methods!?

DoloTonight: Good and Yeah! I’ve been writing songs, reading books, just doing anything to stay in the loop.

Mikala: Ooo Books! I need to incorporate that more! What are you reading?

DoloTonight: It’s called “You Are A Badass”, it’s New York Times Best Seller! I’m not usually the one for self help books. I usually just help myself but the color was cool and there was cussing on it and I was like this is kind of dope!

Mikala: I’m going to have to check it out!

DoloTonight: Yes!

Mikala: Being that you’re from Jersey how was it growing up there?

DoloTonight: It was pretty cool! I got to go to New York, instead of having to be trapped in the city I kind of got to escape to the suburbs. It was really fun, different cultures, it just exposed me to a lot of different things, genres of music, everthing! There’s so many creatives out here it’s pretty cool!

Mikala: Speaking of music, how is the music scene out there?

DoloTonight: The music scene in Jersey is pretty dope! There’s some cool up and coming rappers. I think we got some pretty good looks this year.

Mikala: How did you know that making music was going to be something that you end up enjoy doing?

DoloTonight: I didn’t know that this was something that I would enjoy doing til 2 years ago. Music has always had my back. When I was happy, when I was sad, I’d be making music. I didn’t know that would end up turning into an actual career until things started taking off with my music. Making music, writing songs, playing the piano and singing, none of that turned into a full-time passion for me til 2-3 years ago. I was like “YOOO, okay, I see what’s happening over here”(laughs). It took over my whole life so that’s all I do now.

Mikala: You said you dropped out of College? Do you have the pressure to go back, how do you feel about it? 

DoloTonight: No (laughs) fuck that! You know it what it is. Even my professors told me drop out because I was seeing a lot of success on social platforms and rebuilding real fans. I’ll put it this way, I could be in a class on touring ( I was in school for music) or I could be going on my own tour! The other thing about the music industry is also not what you know but who you know! It’s all about, the paper doesn’t mean anything if I’m trying to follow my dreams and do something full-time! 

Mikala: I support it! Not knocking anyone that has a degree but whenever you want to fully learn a craft you need to have more of a hands on experience as well, learn the ins and outs from a personal standpoint, you know!

DoloTonight: Yeah I feel that on a personal level! I’ve learned so much since I dropped out! I was like “yo, I wouldn’t have learned this if I had not dropped out”! I’m telling you it was the move for me for sure! 

Mikala: I was listening to your music and I noticed that it is very hard to box you into just one genre. It’s a mix of all genres into one!

DoloTonight: Yeah! It’s  very genre fluid. There’s a lot that goes into it! It’s kind of what depends on what I want to make. At the end of the day it’s something within those lines, you know, front, left, pop, rap, r&b all mixed together in one. A little soul sometimes (laughs) I be on my soul shit!

Mikala: We’ll call it very free-spirited (laughs)

DoloTonight: Yes (laughs) VERY!

Mikala: You know we have the rapper/singer wave right now which you have a little bit of that flare in your music as well! How are you managing to separate yourself from other artists in that aspect?

DoloTonight: Yeah, I think Since I played drums a lot of it comes down to flow. I’ll switch up my flow a lot during a song, maybe every 4 bars not even maybe even  faster. I think that keeps it on it’s fresh edge and keeps the listener jumping. I would say the creativity within my word play and my bars sets it apart. I like to do weird melodies too!

Mikala:  Yes  you summed it up perfectly. Everything that you said is what I got from listening to your music!

DoloTonight: (Laughs) Yeah, I’m glad you interpreted that well!

Mikala: You recently dropped Zoom! How did that track come about?

DoloTonight: I was on YouTube just looking through stuff and then I found this kid Aaron I was like “Yooo, you have some fire”! I asked if he could make something video gamey, outer spacey! He sends it back to me immediately and I was like “This is crazy”! It was like a flashback to my childhood where I use to pretend to be in a Rocket Ship. This was like a track about going Outer Space and getting away from the problems of the World. We ended up shooting a visual, it’s super homey. We shot it in my backyard with a green screen (laughs). It’s just some fun shit! 

Mikala: It’s a very trippy track! 

DoloTonight: Exactly (laughs) 

Mikala: I do want ask what are some goals as an artist that you’re looking to achieve this year? 

DoloTonight: Moving to LA to meet with more people, connect with producers, drop this EP that’s been sitting on me! Most importantly reaching new heights and pushing myself personally to make the best music I can! Trying to level up in every single aspect!  

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    I love this kid. Someone should grab him up…Zoom!

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