Fiend: The DGB Interview

Mainstay is an overused cliche, but in Fiends case it’s perfectly applicable. From the mom & pop days of the New Orleans rap scene to a stint on Ruff Ryders, and now into the digital age “Mr. Whoomp Whoomp” has been making his presence felt. We recently had the opportunity to chop it up with the veteran legend, and he pulled our coats to his time on Ruff Ryders, No Limit, working with UGK, and much more.

How is your latest project “A Hustler’s Ambition” getting received?

The project is getting received well. My fans are just happy to get that texture and feel from what they’ve grown to love from me, from day one. Big shout to DJ Ben Frank and DJ Infamous for digging through the crates with me to find these songs. Some are new, some familiar, but I wanted to give the fans something to let them know I’ll never ever forget about them.

What’s your biggest ambition?

To take care of my family spiritually and financially. From there if they see me do it, they know they can do it. That goes for my neighborhood, or anybody I come into contact with I consider family.

What’s your favorite Fiend verse on the project?

All of them. I’d be lying if I said I had a favorite.

What’s your favorite feature?

Man anybody that when we work together I’m just genuinely appreciative for the relationship, so I don’t have a favorite.

How’d you get signed to Big Boy records, and then transition to No Limit?

I got with some neighborhood friends of my brother. A guy named Devious the Mellow Fellow & Mousa. They got me into the studio at Devious’s house and he worked with me on an intro for Q93. We might of worked on it on a Tuesday, turned it in on a Wednesday, and they played it on a Thursday. I was signed on Friday and in the studio with DJ Precise & Leroy Edwards. We worked on The Baddest Motherfucker Alive which was my first single on Big Boy records.

I transitioned to No Limit when I was working with another label who walked me over there. We came to an agreement with No Limit after I did some songs with Mia X and one with Kane and Abel. Then I did the song Don’t Fuck Around on the Bout It soundtrack. We then came up with an amicable agreement and ran with it from there.

Do you have unreleased music from your stint on Ruff Ryders?

Yes I do. Including mixtapes I recorded during my four years living out there. I’m going to have to get with them to see about releasing copies.

What was the first Curren$y song you heard?

Something he did with P on No Limit, maybe the one they had the video for.

What was it like working with Pimp C, and can you get KLC to release the other song you made with UGK?

It was dope! I’ve been working with Pimp and Bun since I was 12. They had been working with a cousin of mine named Baby T DJ Lil Daddy (Rest in Paradise.) It was always dope. I’ve always looked up to UGK, it was truly an honor. Just to se professionals like that at work, talking about this Trill lifestyle.

I don’t know if I can get KLC to release the song. He’s holding it, we got to see what he’s going to do with the song. Hopefully if push comes to shove, this interview might get him to release it since we’re talking about it. For the people, for the culture.

Who’s your favorite CEO?

Me! I’ve been able to take everything I’ve seen from the greats before me. To take all the advice, good and bad, to become the new future of what a CEO should be to get the outcomes they want.

Do people ever tell you that “There’s One In Every Family” is the best release from No Limit?

Yeah, from time to time. I also hear that about “Street Life”, my second No Limit release. I’m sure fans say that to all their favorite No Limit artists though, so it’s all love.

What songs do you get the most requests for in concert?

I would have to say Mr. Whomp Whomp, Talk It Like I Bring It, but realistically it’s according to the demographics where I’m at. If I go to Joliet, Illinois and they’re going to want to hear For the N.O. from “There’s One In Every Family” three times if they want to hear it three times. Shout out to all my fans and day one supporters period. When you get a chance let Dirty Glove Bastard know your favorite, then I can perform that shit when I come to your town and we can all have a good ass time.

What’s your favorite Fiend album?

It changes, it changes depending on the time of the year. I just hope to make music and get it to my fans. Get it to people who can take this music and get them through something with it. if they’re down and need to be picked up, or if they need to be psyched, bucked up before a football or basketball game in the locker room. Or need that courage to tell a bully that they’re not the one to be fucked with.

Do you prefer pre or post-Katrina New Orleans?

Wow. That’s a dope ass question. I really love my upbringing and what made us us, the culture. The standards and the customs. But I do enjoy post Katrina for the growth of the city. For how strong our people have proven to be, time and time and time and time and over again, that we can survive ANYTHING. Shit for real, honestly I don’t prefer no Katrina. Fuck.I can enjoy the culture before, and I can enjoy the appreciation and survival of the people. Of my people. No one sits and waits for opportunities, we go and get that shit.

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