Exclusive: Pastor Troy Talks About Bringing Gangsta Rap To Atlanta

Today we are very excited to share part 1 of our new “Off The Porch” interview with the legendary Pastor Troy! The Atlanta native is responsible for helping to change the sound in Atlanta back in 1999 when he released his debut album, We Ready I Declare War.

We recently caught up with the Pastor for an in-depth conversation about his career & current projects. In part 1, PT explains how he has stayed relevant for over 20 years in the rap game now, he talks about owning his recording masters for the majority of his music, he talks about recording his classic song “No Mo Play In GA” the very first time he went to a music studio, he speaks on going back to making his own beats recently cause he can’t find anyone else that is making the sound he wants, he explains why he decided to go at Master P & No Limit Records on the phone call intro to “No Mo Play In GA”, he talks about writing his debut album while sitting in church, he explains how that album opened up the doors for gangsta rap in Atlanta, he talks about not getting his credit & respect for opening those doors, he also challenges rappers to put more effort into their raps and speak on the consequences to the street life and so much more. Watch below and stay tuned for parts 2+3!

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