Exclusive: Damar Jackson Says He’s The New Face Of R&B Right Now

We’re back with the second second and final part to our recent interview with R&B star Damar Jackson. We ask him if he’s excited about the current state of R&B, if he took offense when Jacquees said he was the “King of R&B”, he explains why he started doing a new vlog series with his girlfriend, he talks about having a relationship that is so open to the public, says that other women are respectful when they’re seen out together, he talks about doing an unpaid internship with Def Jam back in 2010 and recommends internships for upcoming artists, he talks about his plans to do build a youth center in his hometown of DeRidder, LA, gives advice to other artists coming from a small town, explains why giving back is so important to him and much more. Check out part 2 below and part 1 right here.

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