DGB Presents “Off The Porch” interview w/ Hoodrich Pablo Juan

Hoodrich Pablo Juan is a polarizing figure who is all set to have one hell of a breakthrough year in 2017. His hard work and the consistent grind he has put into his craft the past two years has set him up for this very rare opportunity. And he is already well on his way to seeing that breakthrough become a reality, in just three short months, Blo has already released new songs with the Migos, Famous Dex, Playboy Carti, Brodinski, Jose Guapo, A$AP Ant and many more. And just one day after releasing his latest project, MONYPOWRRSPT World Rules with his Drugrixh partners Peso & Hect, we’re ready to unload our exclusive “Off The Porch” interview with El Padron. We sat down with the MPR general recently in Atlanta to discuss many things including growing up in East Atlanta with no money, how he isn’t surprised about his recent success, his chemistry with producer Spiffy Global, he then explains how he is motivated to succeed in rap to avoid having to go back to the streets, not being a trendy rapper and creating his own styles & lingo, his affiliation to Hoodrich, his MPR movement and lastly he speaks on what DGB means to him. Special thanks to JCoop for filming and editing this. Stay tuned for more “Off The Porch” interviews and be sure to grab the new MPR World Rules tape as well.

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