Album: Rucci – Tako’s Son

Channeling personal tragedy into musical triumph, Rucci shares Tako’s Son, his debut album, dedicated to his father. A well-known Inglewood figure of Salvadorian descent, Rucci’s father Tako was recently deported, stranding father and son on two sides of a national border.

On the album, Rucci channels his Pops as best he can, relaying life lessons through breakneck bars and tight street stories, laid over hyperactive L.A. production.

The album features recent single “La Bamba,” a Latin-flavored jamas well as moving closing track “Keep Going“. With appearances from fellow L.A. heavy-hitters like Shoreline MafiaRJMrLAAzChikeKalan.frfr1TakeJay, and more. 

Stream Rucci’s debut album Tako’s Son below:

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