Z Money “Wealthy”

By now when you think of Z Money you know one thing’s for sure, he’s Gucci Mane’s 1017 prodigy, and two things for certain, he’s making major business moves. Staying true to his boastful brand of boss talk, today he drops a new banger, “Wealthy.”

Spending a considerable amount of time in the trap music capital, Atlanta, Z Money has tapped into some new sounds. The experimentation with production is evident in, “Wealthy” produced by Hendrixx. Still coming with his signature slur, Z Money speeds up the delivery to match the quick tempo of the bass-thumping trap beat.

“Wealthy” finds Z Money speaking on his desire to earn generational wealth. Born into poverty on the West Side of Chicago, Z Money lifted himself out of the hood with his sharp rhymes and strong entrepreneurial instincts, using his earnings as a rapper to start businesses in trucking, restaurants, real estate, and dog-breeding. On the new single, Z Money recounts his rise from broke to baller, indulging his urges to drop several grand on a neckpiece.

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