Video: Taleban Dooda “Chosen” feat. T9ine

Making waves in South Florida and beyond with his vocal acrobatics, Taleban Dooda is ready to make 2021 his breakout year. Teaming up with fellow Tampa native, T9ine, for an anthem for the strivers, Dooda shares “Chosen,” his latest single. Produced by Gasky, “Chosen” layers uplifting pianos and mournful saxophone over thumping 808s, creating the perfect canvas for both emcees to open their hearts. The track sounds like a hood gospel to me, as the two hungry MC’s express gratitude that their God-given talents allowed them to escape the difficult circumstances of their birth: “It started as a dream to us/They ain’t believe in us/Don’t know what it mean to us/They always leavin’ us,” croons Dooda.

In the video, Dooda (who rocks a Tom Brady Bucs jersey) and T9ine squad up on Hillsborough Ave in Dooda’s native East Tampa. The camera alternates celebratory shots of the rappers chilling with their friends with artfully lo-fi clips from the picturesque Florida gulf coast landscape. His first new single of the year, “Chosen” follows the romantic “Problematic” and the TM88 & ATL Jacob-produced “Finish Him,” which notched over a million streams in its first week.

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