Video: Suigeneris “Back In My City”

Bay Area-born Suigeneris has come a long way from being the youngest flexer on the gold coast; now, he’s gunning for the throne. The 18-year-old artist is returning to his home turf in “BACK IN MY CITY” his new video and single, today. It’s hard for Suie to be humble with a million-dollar clothing brand, streams & music videos running up numbers, and a legion of fans he’s built during his career as a young OG. In “BACK IN MY CITY,” Suie puts his foot on the necks of the fakes and the frauds, letting it be known that “you boys is weak, you boys is fans” and advising them to “stop tryna claim sh*t you ain’t, we getting money, you see the chain.” Like Luka in game 7, Suie may be young but he isn’t a rookie: check the stat sheet, he’s been balling for years.

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