Video: Sally Sossa “TMU”

Hungry for more than just a seat at the table, Sossa pulls out more than a few tricks up her sleeve by showcasing her ability to breeze over a catchy hook while dubbing the scrubs clamoring for her attention. While there might be haters ready to take her down, Sossa is focused on her bag, the bars and the crown. 

With a new project on the horizon, Sossa is ready to share her story with the world. A wunderkind who has openly battled bouts of depression and hopelessness, the Houston native has become a voice for today’s youth with singles such as “Who You Are” and “A Letter To The Streets.” “When I wrote “Who You Are,” I was depressed and I was going through a lot,” Sossa admits, “but I was still in a place where I was motivated. I had the fire in me. I could get one person to not feel this way, I know I’d be saving a life.”

With a keen sense of storytelling, the rapper has a passion for the art of rhyming and the versatility to touch the pockets of Pop-Rap, Hard Rap, and tantalizing melodies. This can be heard across her debut album, Life Of Sossa on tracks like “GMFU” and the hit single, “Star Song” featuring Lil Durk which has over 27 million global streams.

“TMU” follows the release of the chopped and screwed version of the single “Star Song.”

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