Video: Rucci – “I Ain’t Gon Lie”

Taking the time for a fresh bit of effortless flexing, Rucci shares “I Ain’t Gon Lie,” his latest video. Letting loose with a lightning-fast flow, Rucci unloads line after line of fib-free fire. In the video, Rucci shows us how they party in South Central, as he drinks tequila straight from the bottle and makes it rain in a gentlemen’s club.

“I Ain’t Gon Lie” is one of the more light-hearted tracks on Tako’s Son, Rucci’s debut album, dedicated to his father. A well-known Inglewood figure of Salvadorian descent, Rucci’s father Tako was recently deported, stranding a father and son on two sides of a national border. Rucci recently gave fans a revealing glimpse into his backstory with the “Tako’s Son” doc, which documented Rucci’s reunion with Tako after a four-year separation.

With appearances from fellow L.A. heavy-hitters like Shoreline Mafia,  RJMrLAAzChike, Kalan.frfr,  1TakeJay, and more, Tako’s Son is available for streaming everywhere.

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