Video: Mobsquad Nard Feat. Starlito “Black Magic”

One of the best upcoming rappers in the South, Mobsquad Nard is all set to unleash his new album, Nardo DaVinci on October 13th. And after releasing the lead single “Itz Dat” featuring Boosie, the Jacksonville, FL native premiered his new video “Black Magic” with Starlito today via XXL. The video was filmed in Duval county in Florida as well as in Lito’s hometown of Nashville, TN by McCain Merren. About the record, Nard told XXL, “Black Magic is the power of real over fake so we wanted each of us to have the backdrop of our own city, Nashville and Jacksonville, for our verses.” Nard also unveiled the track listing to the album and in addition to Boosie & Lito, there will also be guest appearances from Elevator Jay, Spitta & other members of Mobsquad. You can view that below as well.

1. “Tro”
2. “Itz Dat” Feat. Boosie BadAzz
3. “Bowl” Feat. MobSquad Lil Tee
4. “Ain’t FWU”
5. “All Traps Closed”
6. “Black Magic” Feat. Starlito
7. “Jacktown”
8. “Can’t Fool Me” Feat. MobSquad
9. “BIDB” Feat. Spitta
10. “Fukk It Up Feat. MobSquad Lil Tee
11. “PeepHole” Feat. MobSquad Snap
12. “Long Line” Feat. Elevator Jay

Photo by Gregg Bell

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