Video: Maxo Kream “Meet Again”

Building a large underground fanbase without sacrificing his creative vision, Houston’s Maxo Kream earned his reputation as one of the best storytellers in rap. Grappling with a friend’s legal crisis over lush soul samples, Maxo demonstrates his storytelling talent on “Meet Again.” Produced by Teej and Mike Dean, “Meet Again” finds Maxo chronicling the desperate and criminal behavior by his friends and family, reminiscing about better times, and speaking directly to a friend in lockup: “On my way here, I was blowin’ and they told the lieutenant/Word got back to the warden and they cancelled my visit/I dropped 40 on a lawyer, tryna reduce your sentence/He better than that court-appointed, he gon’ fight to appeal it.” Directed by Shomi Patwary, who directed Maxo’s visually inventive “Roaches,” “Meet Again” brilliantly dramatizes the conflict in Maxo’s story, painting a bleak, nuanced picture of the chaotic darkness of prison life. With over 2.2 million Spotify plays since its January release, “Meet Again” was the first new single since the release of 2018’s Punken, Maxo’s critically acclaimed third album.

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