Video: Derez De’Shon “In My Feelings”

Derez De’Shon releases his first solo release of 2021 with “In My Feelings.” The Melodic, layered vocals find the Southside Atlanta-native looking back at all he has overcome to get to the spotlight. The reflections on the past can conjure a spectrum of feelings and emotions. Mike Vegas and Jakik produce the dynamic track of piano keys and trap drums. In the dramatic music video, Derez carries out the lyrics. Sporting his ogld watch and flamboyant Jurassic Park and King of Clayton County chains, De’Shon cannot help but focus on the grind, the losses, and the years it all took to build. While riding sprinters and meeting with accountants, he is still hitting cornerstones and basketball courts-symbols that show Derez De’Shon recognizes his roots.

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