Tru-L: Mattapan’s Goldenboy

The Boston artist has been repping Skull Gang strong and generating a considerable buzz. With Juelz Santana set to be released soon, Tru’s been putting together a joint project that will be released shortly after Santana touches back down

Tru-L means Truest Realist Undisputed Lyricist and in Boston, he’s known as Mattapan’s Goldenboy. In 2013 the re-release of his previous summer mixtape landed him a joint venture. This quickly resulted in the release of Tha General 2 More Hurt Feelingz, released with Diplomat member Juelz Santana and hosted by Dj Skullator.

He’s not just doing music though. Tru’s got a viable acting career, successful clothing line, artists on his own Fatal Entertainment label, and helping to prepare for Juelz’s release. We discussed his latest release, how he joined Skull Gang, a possible collaborative project with Juelz, Kimbella, his acting career, and much more.

Tru-L: The DGB Interview

You have a distinctive delivery. I noticed that you were comfortable with the fast flow too. How did your style develop?

My style developed from me never giving up and constantly working on my craft. I used to write seven songs a day. I was inspired by 2 Pac after hearing how much he used to write.

You’ve been repping Juelz and your Skull Gang affiliation hard while he’s been gone. How did you meet him and come to join Skull Gang?

I met my big homie back in 2005. I was heard by a promoter in Maine at a rap battle at this club name Usia’s. I wasn’t battling that day, I was just going to promote my mixtape New England Patriot. He recognized my name and wanted to hear me rap acapella. Once I got to my 8th bar he stopped me then said I got a show for you to do which led to me being the opening act for Nappy Roots in Portland, Maine.

After I did that show, the next one was me opening up for Juelz Santana. I wasn’t aware that my name was brought up to him by the promoter that booked him when sealing the deal for his performance. This was my first paid show. When I tried to give him my mixtape once he got off stage he took it and was about to sign it. I then stopped him and said no disrespect, I am a fan of your music but I want you to listen to my shit. Like how Cam’ron listened to his. After that, he shook his head with that respect look in his eyes and put it in his pocket. He then said let’s kick it back at the hotel. It was destined to happen. I wasn’t aware, but the promoter placed our rooms directly across from each other.

Once I rapped for Hell Rell & my Dipset OG Blackadon in the Holiday Inn hallway the both went back saying how good I was. The next morning I received a knock at my door saying come on the tour bus and that’s when we started building for me to keep in touch. But it wasn’t until 2015 after us doing so much building over the years that we merged them together making me both that’s where the whole Fatal Family Skull Gang came into play.

Do you interact with other members?

Yes, I interact with everybody from Dipset and the brands under that. All of them are my family for life.

I know you act. Did I see you on Hulu’s Castle Rock?

Yes, I was in Season 2 which received over 1.76 million views. That was a great experience.

Do you like Stephen King?

Yes, I think he’s a brilliant man at doing what he does best.

What other acting are you doing? Actually, you got a pretty deep bag. What else are you doing in general? I know you got some businesses.

Right now I’m preparing for my next independent film called Bad Gal where I play as a notorious drug lord named Money Man, so look out for that. I’m still pushing my clothing line which is Truology 02126 merchandise which we released next to my debut album Truology: The New Beginning.

How’s Juelz doing? I know you see him regularly. Any updates on his release?

The big homie is great. He’s on his way home this summer with three new notebooks full of rhymes. He’s definitely in good spirits and coming home as a better man before he went in.

Are you dropping an album with Juelz this year?

It’s actually an EP. We don’t have a release date for it yet. It’s definitely coming.

What’s Kimbella really like? It’s been admirable how she’s held him down, along with people like you.

Big sis is such a wonderful person. She’s a great mother and a well-educated businesswoman.

What’s Mattapan like? What’s your involvement in the Boston rap scene?

Mattapan it’s just like any other inner city, it has ups and downs. A’s for the Boston rap scene, I’m heavily involved and it and always willing to support different artists from my city. Especially the OGs that came before me.

You got a deep catalogue. What other projects would you recommend new listeners to check out?

The people can go check out my Pass The Torch Unsigned Talent mixtape series. All 3 volumes are on digital platforms.

Tell us some of your history. What were the things that made you the man you are? What was your early life like?

Just like any average kid from the hood with dreams. Dreams that weren’t of a follower. They could have gone in a different direction if I didn’t remain focused. I have a great mother in my corner.

I see you like including reggae in your music. Is there a different feeling when you make those type of songs?

Absolutely. I love reggae music. My Rastafarian OG Junior Reid brought me into that lane, which was another dream come true.

How’s your community dealing with the national unrest caused by the police’s repeated killing and mistreatment of minorities?

Let’s just say there’s a lot of pain going on from that, with a lot of great people trying the hardest to get things back in order.

How’s Covid-19 effected your career? I know in March you were working on a lot of things at once.

The only thing stopping me during this pandemic is that artists such as myself can’t do shows or concerts. But I’ve still managed to make money and feed my family, all without missing one meal thanks to the man up above.

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