Trav & Nav Display Supernatural Foresight With New Single “Called It”

Trav recruits the self-proclaimed “First brown boy to get it poppin’ ” aka NAV for a hypnotic trapper’s delight with releasing “Called It“.

As referenced in the chorus, “I ignored your call because the money callin’/2 years in the game and I’m already ballin’/I stayed true to the game and I stayed solid/Always knew I would be at the top, I called it” , it’s evident the duo has developed a sound understanding of the significance surrounding prioritizing monetary gain over worldly pleasures.

Between the flamboyant bars or affluent lyricism that serves as a reminder to get in your bag and stay there, the visual reference for this record does a tremendous job at displaying the conveyed narrative behind the music.

Foresight is one hell of a reference when it comes to understanding timing as it relates to opportunity.

It’s of great importance to stay down and rooted in the building phase of paving your route to success, because the seeds that you sow now may not reciprocate a plentiful harvest until much later. However, it’s during that “waiting period” of the come-up phase that aids in developing the core characteristics required to thrive holistically.

The same core characteristics that have enabled Trav to acquire a thriving independent career.

With Trav’s most recent endeavors serving as a reflection of his work ethic, the artist has now embarked on a 25-show tour with NAV as he gears up for a forthcoming EP release.

Although no release date has been mentioned at this time, but be sure to catch Trav x NAV live in the city nearest you.

Check out the single below.

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