The Art of Self Reflection with OMB Peezy

During our exclusive interview with Alabama prodigy OMB Peezy we were able to elaborate on some social topics with him. From dealing with people as a whole, to even understanding their nature – OMB Peezy doesn’t come from the best background but through life lessons he is gradually mastering the art of self reflection.

As we got more into our interview we got the scoop on how it was working with the late King Von and Florida Native Jackboy for the “Big Homie” remix, upcoming projects and more.

Check out our exclusive interview below:

Mikala:  How have you been motivated to make music throughout the craziness of the world?

OMB Peezy: I ain’t gone lie, every time I have too much time to think; all my best stuff comes out. All this corona stuff has stopped a nigga from being as busy as I am. I feel like I really got back making my best music. 

Mikala: Would you say that Corona really allowed us to self reflect?

OMB Peezy: Hell Yeah! It’s a good and a bad thing. The reason why I say it’s a good thing, it stopped people who did shows every weekend, everyday on tours and stuff. It stopped them and they got a chance to realize what it is in life. When you be working so much you don’t get to realize the blessings that be coming in. You so focused on figuring out your next move.  It’s a whole time to reflect. Reflect on mistakes you’ve made in your career, reflect on the good things in your career. I know I reflect on a lot of mistakes I’ve made. 

Mikala: I had a talk with different creatives in the music industry about the importance of being consistent when it comes to dropping music. I really want to hear your perspective on consistency as an artist.

OMB Peezy: This is my logic on it and why I try to stay as consistent as possible because you growing. Practice makes perfect. Nobody comes in the game the best as they can be. You might drop a song and then you would wait a long time to drop another song sounding way different…so like damn…he done fell off. If you stay consistent yo fans gone be there the whole time you changing. When you doing new stuff they gone already be use to it. I just want my fans to witness me growing. That’s why I try to stay consistent. 


Mikala: Yes!  I feel like when you stay consistent it allows you to grow and get better over time! 

OMB Peezy: Exactly! You know, practice makes perfect.

Mikala: Now I want to talk about Alabama. What is in yall’s water? Yall are really up next! People be sleep! 

OMB Peezy: (Laughs) I ain’t gone lie. It’s been a whole lot of talent in Alabama for a long time. It just took for a couple people to open their eyes. For the labels to start looking more, other rappers to come. I ain’t gone lie they been coming to Alabama getting our style and our swag a little bit. It’s like if I do something right now only my people gone know. If Drake do the same thing then everybody gone know. People come to Alabama because we got comedians, we got rappers, we got everything forreal. 

Mikala: Would you say for you to recognized as an artists from Alabama you had to move?

OMB Peezy: Not really. That’s how it worked for me. I had to move; I know how I think and how I move. I don’t think I would’ve been shit if I would’ve stayed in Mobile. I would’ve been rapping but I wouldn’t have been nothing… I be tripping. As far as anybody … you just gotta stay consistent really. You gotta travel though. You gotta go and see different shit, mingle, rub shoulders with different people. You can’t be stuck in yo city.  

Mikala: I was watching one of your DGB Interviews and you stated that you don’t really have anyone to talk to. I really want to get your perspective on people in general; Dealing with people, friendships, relationships.

OMB Peezy: That’s a deep ass question (laughs). I’ve did a lot of growing and shit since I got into rap. Back in the day I always liked to read but I was reading the wrong shit. I was reading them Urbans and shit like that. So back in the days I didn’t really know how to communicate with people. I was always good at reading people but I would read and interpret people my way. Not knowing that everybody is different. Now, I’m good at reading people still but I know how to communicate with people more so I figure out why they do the things they do. I don’t really try to distance myself from people like I did back in the day. I’m more understanding of people now. 

Mikala: Wow… why do I need to take notes from you!? I’m the other way around. You do one messed up thing to me then you gotta go (laughs). 

OMB Peezy: Alright, look … It’s a book you need to read by Dale Carnegie calledHow to Win FRIENDS & Influence PEOPLE. That’s my favorite book. That changed my whole outlook on dealing with people. I’m reading that mutha fucka for the 3rd time right now. I’m listening to the audio. That’s like a book you gotta keep reading. You know life keeps evolving so it’s different shit in the book that you’ll see in real life. You’ll be like “damn how the fuck am I suppose to deal with that” and you go back and read the book.

Mikala: I love that so much!

Mikala: Now getting into your music, you recently dropped “Big Homie” remix with King Von and Jackboy. How was it working with them?

OMB Peezy: I fuck with King Von and Jackboy. I ain’t really too big on features but it was real easy working with them. I feel like I can relate to them even though we from different places. 

Mikala: I got the chance to watch the visual as well. I thought is was super dope how you guys all came together.

OMB Peezy: Exactly! You see what I’m saying!? It wasn’t no weird vibe or nothing. Good vibes from everybody! 


[NOTE: Interview was conducted prior to the passing of King Von]

Mikala: You have an upcoming project called “Too Deep For Tears”. I really want a little insight on this new project.  

OMB Peezy: “Too Deep For Tears”… I’m really trying to branch off but at the same time keep my core fanbase. I’m trying a lot of different shit. Different sounds but the same story. 

Mikala: Basically showing that you evolved as a person and as an artist.

OMB Peezy: Exactly, exactly. 

Mikala: Now the meaning of the title really caught me, what’s up with that?

OMB Peezy: Oh, shit. So…Boom! My cousin is doing 99 years for a robbery. Before he caught the robbery charge he was already in prison. He did 5 years for a distribution charge. When he caught the robbery charge he was like “shit…it’s too late to cry”. He has a too deep for tears tattoo and I ain’t gone lie I felt that! Me… when I get into shit I always be like fuck it. I don’t give my hopes up for nothing. Even now, and I really hate this about myself, ya feel me. Even now, I’ll get something nice for myself and I’ll find something I don’t like about it just in case I lose it. On the other hand, I’ll go to jail and be like shit… it’s too late. I’m already in here so I can’t go nowhere. Too deep to cry, too deep for tears. I just really felt that shit. 

Mikala: Okay, so this question is really on my heart. How important do you think it is to find your purpose in life?

OMB Peezy: Real important! I had to distance myself from a lot of people who ain’t  know what they want to do in life. I was one of those people. All my life I knew I was going to be a rapper but  I wasn’t really serious about it. It was like a dream. Where I’m from we don’t see a lot of niggas dreams come true. That shit might not happen. I really didn’t know what the fuck I was gone do. Especially when I had my baby. I ain’t really care about life, losing nothing cause I ain’t have nothing to lose. A lot of people ain’t tryna find they purpose, you just living to die. You just surviving  really.

I’m tryna live, I’m tired of surviving. 


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