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#TBT Podcast: Q Bosilini ‘Dirty White Boy (20th Anniversary Edition)’

Q Bosilini, the CEO of Thug World South joins the show for this #TBT episode. We discuss the project, his relationship with Alley Boy (who appeared twice on the project,) where he was in life and his career at the time, how he almost signed with Goodie Mob and The Nappy roots at the time respectively, but mostly I spend the episode trying to convince Q that the project is not only good but great.

Podcast: Doe Boy Choch (The Super Facts Show)

Doe Boy Choch was an artist on Shiest Bubz’s Purple City label. He released a well-regarded project, “The Sex Pistols” which included features from Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake, & many Dipset members. We…

Podcast: J-Hood (The Super Facts Show)

J-Hood has seen a lot in a storied career and is still improving, professionally and personally. We discuss his latest album ‘Pesci 3’, freestyling for a high school LeBron James after he was drafted, performing with Max B, lyricists he admires, the importance of reading (with book recommendations,) his upcoming book, the evolution of one’s wardrobe as they age, what he thinks his best “quotable” is, and much more.

Podcast: E The Profit (The Super Facts Show)

Kentucky’s own E The Profit joins Mark for today’s episode. We discuss his new album ‘E For Effortless’, when “Demon Time” is, what it’s like where he lives in Kentucky, Starter coats, what flavor of Faygo is the best mixer, whether if there’s a bigger thrill than committing a robbery like E did in his “Money Callin” video, what teams he roots for since he lives near the Ohio border, & much more.

#TBT Podcast: DJ Paul (2016) The Super Facts Show

DJ Paul who focused on Djing before rapping, began his journey in 1988 and has led a career that has been long, ardently beautiful, and relevant for an impressive almost 30+ years. Southern Hip-Hop fan…

Podcast: Chibi LOL (The Super Facts Show)

Chibi LOL joins the show to discuss his new releases “Trap Boo” & “2 Many Times”. We also discuss what growing up in Josey Lane Projects is like, the Dallas rap scene, Yves Saint Laurent, Dr. Mae Jamison, what makes a “Trap Boo”, his ‘Pain-tience’ EP, and more.

Podcast: Lil $o$o (The Super Facts Show)

In the latest episode, The Super Facts Show is joined by fastly rising newcomer Lil $o$o. We discuss her latest song which features Roc Nation’s Bobby Fishscale, what made her decide to become an artist, gender hypocrisies, what doing a photoshoot is like, whether jit is a racist word, and much more.

Podcast: Mailbag (The Super Facts Show)

In the show’s first mailbag episode, I answer a variety of listener-submitted questions. Topics include artists I don’t like, ranking Dipset members, my favorite records & Funko’s, whether I got raped in jail, how I…