Stream: WETBACKMANNY’s New Danny Wolf Hosted Single ‘Telemundo’

Palm Beach, FL: What do you get when you give a rapper with a little too much time on his hands a camera and a green screen?

You get this.

When I first saw this video on Twitter I could not stop laughing, and South Florida rapper WETBACKMANNY aka Manny Meth aka Lil Telemundo is taking full advantage of his viral meme with his latest release Telemundo. Danny Wolf reached out to the rapper over twitter and they have now dropped the record on SoundCloud. The song is 1 minute and 38 seconds of distorted bass, chirping ad libs, and lyrics about fucking my grandmother. It’s one of those records that’s so bad that it’s good. Telemundo is catchy and it goes hard, it’s one of those songs that takes a few listens to grow on you.

Listen to Telemundo here:

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