Stream: Alonzo Fibonacci “Clear It Out” ft. BayC, Billy Danze, Chris Rivers, & OT the Real

Producer duo Alonzo Fibonacci are back with a brand new single featuring Bay-CBilly DanzeChris Rivers, and OT the Real. The unlikely, but much needed pairing of the 4 artists paved the way for an incredible track titled “Clear It Out.”

Like their previous single “Dream”, the hook features legendary Jamaican artist Bay-C. But unlike their last collaboration, the chorus is an aggressive call and response which sets the beat ablaze forcing M.O.P.’s Billy Danze to stomp a mudhole throughout his verse excreting the lyrics “Take ’em all to the point of no return, drop ’em in a bottomless pit and watch ’em burn”. Chris Rivers, (son of the late Big Pun) emanated his own powerful brooding verse making it clear he is a top tier lyricist today stating “when I come around you might get veneers, a bunch of fake smiles all around just forget I’m here”. OT The Real closes out the track by airing the block out verbally, painting a picture of his past transgressions in the street rapping, “you bite the hands that feed, I was slicing grams of D, you was hand to hand then you hand it to the hands of me”. 

Alonzo Fibonacci have recently released their latest instrumental project “Charcuterie & Chardonnay” and are gearing up to release several collaborative projects with Crazyhype, Xavier, Holland Izz, Sahtyre & Danny Dee this year.

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