Ruffnation Films To Re-Release Snipes Film

The music industry related film stars Nelly, Zoe Seldana, Frank Vincent & more.

Released in 2006 & set in the mean streets of Philly, Snipes is a journey through the dark side of the rap music industry and an underworld of hustlers, thieves, and killers who will do whatever it takes to stay on top of the game. Ruffnation Films is re-releasing a better cut. Check out the differences between the trailers above and below.

Snipes brings to mind ironic thrillers such as Marathon Man, True Romance, and Pulp Fiction. Featuring powerhouse performances by international hip hop star Nelly, Dean Winters (HBO’s ‘Oz’), Sam Jones III (TV’s ‘Smallville’), Zoe Saldana (“Guess Who”), and Frank Vincent (The Sopranos). Snipes: The music business can be murder.

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