Purpose “On The Regular”


DJ Scream introduces Purpose, his new indy artist out of Miami. His single, “On The Regular”, is heating up the streets. Purpose began his musical career early in life despite the constant familial challenges. At 5 years old, he made his debut on the mic; rhyming about the trouble he would get into with his “Rollies”. In 2009, Purpose and his friends joined forces and created 1 D.T.S (Down To Slide). Together they would spend time writing songs, battling each other in freestyles, and performing at family events or whenever given to opportunity.

Unfortunately, he would have multiple encounters with the law. As a result, at the age of 19, he spent 18 months behind bars. This caused the group to split up and him missing the birth of his first son. While being incarcerated in 2013, he was faced to deal with his mistakes and the pain he was causing his family. Falling victim to his surroundings and his choices, prison put an end to his reckless lifestyle. Once behind bars, he  was given the name Purpose by some wise inmates that helped him transform his thinking. He came to the realization that dealing with street life was not the only way of survival. “Most of the people I grew up with are either dead or in jail. I don’t want to be a part of that anymore.” Rap has allowed him to digest his chaotic reality and express it.

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