Pottersfield V.S. Griselda

The beef continues. Check out our interview with St. Laz where he breaks it down.

  1. St. Laz, Hangman (Opium), Bucka Loud – 50s and Better (Prod by The Alchemist)
  2. Westside Gunn & Conway – 94 Ghost shit (Prod. by The Alchemist)
  3. Wooden Souljah, St. Laz, Hangman (Opium), Bucka Loud – Whale cock (Prod. by Joey Bags)
  4. Westside Gunn & Conway – Ajax (Prod. by the Alchemist)
  5. St. Laz, Woooden Souljah, Chuck burns – 2 Hard 2 Die (Prod, by Johnny Champion)
  6. Benny the butcher & Westside Gunn – Vader (Prod_by_Daringer)
  7. St. Laz, Hangman, Bucka Loud – Azucar (Prod. by Bad Abott)
  8. Westside Gunn, Roc Marciano, Conway – Omars Coming – Produced By Daringer
    10.. St. Laz feat. The Boy Bucka & Jo Dancer – I’ll Say it (produced by K.O)
  9. Conway The Machine – 1000 Corpses [Prod By Daringer]
  10. St. Laz – Puke (Produced by Taylor & St. Laz
  11. Elcamino – Rayful Bag ft. Benny The Butcher (Prod by Dj Shay)
  12. St. Laz & F.O.U.L – Thuggin and Buggin (Prod. by Mel staxx)
  13. Conway ft. Westside Gunn, Roc marciano – Rex Ryan (pProd by Daringer)
  14. Bleu Cheese Feat. St. Laz – Suck on the Crew
  15. Conway The Machine – Fentanyl
  16. St. Laz & Pressure – Raised in the Ville (Prod. by Chunk marvelous)
  17. Benny The Butcher – India feat El Camino Prod by. chup
  18. St. Laz, Wooden Souljah, Hangman – The Badside (Prod by Steve Griff)
  19. Westside Gunn & Conway – Robert Horry (Produced by Dirty Diggs)
  20. St. Laz , Jayuice & Hangman – The Fire (Prod.by Casaone)

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