#Podcast The Immortalization of Supa Emcee (The Super Facts Show)

There’s not too much Supa Emcee hasn’t done on the path to establishing himself a legendary figure in Detroit hip-hop. Whether as part of his group Xrossroads, a solo artist, or participating in legendary battles, Supa has a deep résumé. In the episode we discuss him battling Eminem in 8 Mile, how much Mekhi Phifer reminded him of Proof, the eras of hip-hop, how he met his Grammy-winning Xrossroads partner Baby Paul, the history of Detroit rap, when freestyles used to be off the top of the head, the healing power of crystals, freestyling in front of The Parkers & Moesha audiences, meeting Brandy, Fredro Starr along as the rest of the casts, and a lot more in a truly profound and illuminating discussion.

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