#Podcast: LoLife Blacc (The Super Facts Show)

LoLife Blacc has been proficient with multiple album releases that have built him an impressively growing fanbase. Despite fielding numerous offers Black has remained fiercely independent, to that effect his last album was titled Signed To The Scale. On the show, we discuss that project and he announces the release of a deluxe version, the process of the titling of the Jesus Saves, I Crip series, Blacc’s impressive shoe collection, the difficulties involved with merchandising, principles to live life by, deeply introspective philosophical ruminations, whether Blacc loses respect for someone when he finds out they use cocaine, the proclivity for the environment to affect one’s outcome but the irony of how frequently the judgemental somehow overlook that fact, and what advice he’d give a fake gangster rapper confronted with the real thing.

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