#Podcast: 8rooklyn 8atman (The Super Facts Show)

8rooklyn 8atman is truly an anomaly in the world of Hip Hop. The Brooklyn native suffered an unfortunate sequence of events that led to his incarceration, however, it would prove to be constructive for the youngster. After his release, he published a book, Seeds In The Concrete, which went on to sell over 5,500 copies. With that said, 8rooklyn 8atman’s talents aren’t confined to literature. As an artist, 8atman has already begun to make his presence felt, having toured 30 cities in the past month and a half to gear up for the release of his sophomore LP ‘Plague of a Dark Generation.’ In the episode, we discuss his Batman mask, the dumbest question he’s received, if Bruce Wayne is racist, which of his Missy Elliot level videos is the most creative, MF Doom, how DJ Whoo Kid has helped his career, his beautiful book, and a lot more.

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