“Off The Porch” w/ Ponzo Houdini

We recently linked up with Buffalo rapper Ponzo Houdini for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview at our Atlanta offices. During our conversation, he discusses coming from the Jefferson projects, watching his parents split because of his mother addiction to drugs, he talks about being able to relate to the Southern artists, being on the run and making “Buffalo’s Most Wanted” list, burying $20k in his backyard before he went to prison, he talks about the message in his music, talks working with OJ Da Juiceman on “Take A Bath” that was released on Worldstar, he speaks on the music scene in Buffalo, he explains why he turned down a music deal with Atlantic Records, he talks about his label “Cake Boss Life Entertainment”, he talks about his new web series “Epidemic”, his new single “Frankie J”, his new album “You Know The Vibes”, he even brings out the diamond tester & much more! Watch below.

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