“Off The Porch” w/ NFL Toon

In just 6 months of rapping, NFL Toon has become one of the hottest rappers coming out Louisiana! He’s already racked up millions of views on YouTube with his first 2 singles “Free Ziggy” & “City Rollin”.

Last week we linked up with the Louisiana native for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit-down, he talked about what motivated him to start rapping last year, getting over a million views on the first song that he recorded “Free Ziggy”, following up with his viral single “City Rollin” that got 7 million views in just 4 months, not paying attention to the NBA Youngboy comparisons, explains how he came up with “Never Forget Loyalty”, jumping off the porch at a young age, getting locked up when he was 15 for trying to rob a Wal-Mart with a BB gun, getting locked up at 16 for home invasion, his plans to move to L.A. soon, explains how he linked up with Fiend, reveals his favorite weed strains, his upcoming project “I Don’t Play”, goals for 2020 & much more! Check it out below!

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