“Off The Porch” w/ Manman Savage

We recently caught up with Atlanta’s Manman Savage for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit-down, he describes his 2019, talks about spending a lot of time in L.A. the past couple of years, compares the vibes, the clubs, the food, the weed, the studios, the women in L.A. to Atlanta, talks about being on several different nationwide tours the past year, reveals Denver is one of the most lit cities on his tours, explains why Watts reminds him of East Atlanta, how he initially linked up with Shoreline Mafia in 2017, talks about his relationship with 03 Greedo, speaks on his new single “I Won’t Go Out Sad” produced by Mayhem, his upcoming project with Pyrex titled “No Co-Sign”, his upcoming project with Travis Barker called “Savage Barker”, his recent project “E.A. To L.A.” with Ron Ron The Producer, explains what he enjoys about being independent, speaks on his friendship with Kenny Beats, explains why they have never released any music together, talks about how going to jail a couple years ago slowed down his music career, being fully focused on music right now, reveals his goals for 2020, plans to drop a mixtape every month in 2020 and much more! Check it out below!

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