“Off The Porch” w/ Kingpen Cowboy

Rapper Kingpen Cowboy has quite an interesting story. He’s worked with Bankroll Fresh, Fiend & Lil Donald, he’s been in and out of prison more than a handful of times and he’s also been homeless as well. And recently, the GA rapper came by the DGB office for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview. During our discussion, he talks about growing up in Albany, GA before moving to Atlanta and he speaks on the consequences from living in the street. He explains to us that he first started writing raps while in prison and that he was given his name “Cowboy” from Bankroll Fresh who he spent a lot of time around before the rapper’s untimely death. He also speaks on having his house raided by 60+ police officers while his young daughter was also in the house, putting out his first song in 2016 “Junkies On The Cam” that featured Fiend and debuted on Worldstar to over a million views. He talks about meditating with former No Limit Records producer Mo B. Dick during a studio session, working with Lil Donald on a couple songs, plans to drop 4 albums and a documentary in 2019 and much, much more. Check it out below.

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