Music Review | Cico P, wifisfuneral, Zach Zoya & Dre’es

Cico P — Boogieee

Buzzing out of Texas, Cico P is back with more new content. After the success of his viral hit “Tampa,” the rising emcee returns with that smooth and fluent flow that we’ve come to love. With announcing the release of his next project – Nawfjaxx – due this summer, the “Boogieee” music video finds Cico in what appears to be a comfortable space, surrounded by his homies and wads of cash. What started out as a childhood nickname has now transcended into a way of thinking, or as Cico shares, “The title Boogieee comes from my nickname “Boogie” that I’ve had since I was a kid. I like to say I’m on ‘Boogieee Ave’ which basically means, I’m in my own lane.

wifisfuneral — CC Demon

Coming off a newly released EP, wifisfuneral continues to assert himself lyrically. Like he’s trying to find the balance in his flow, Smoking Mirrors – released via Alamo Records – appears to be an experimental project, covering an array of stylized sounds. Proving why he’s one of rap’s more slept on artist, wifi offloads quick-witted bars that are tinged with emotion over bass-heavy production by jetsonmade, Pi’erre Bourne and others. In his new “CC Demon” video, wifi is entranced by the mystery woman who resides on a vintage VHS tape that’s in his possession, struggling to separate non-fiction from reality.

Zach Zoya — Feelings

Canadian phenom Zach Zoya has “Feelings” too and he’s not afraid to be vocal about it. Flirting with seduction and the arousal that comes from being the center of attention, it’s clear that Zach’s significant other is the apple of his eye. Coming off a prolific year that exposed the range of his multifaceted artistry, Zach is already rumored to be working on his sophomore EP. This time around, he plans on reflecting more emotion, or as he states, “I’m going deeper into my feelings for this project.”

Dre’es – Texas Speed

Serving as a precursor to his forthcoming project, Dre’es resurfaces with a new single/video for “Texas Speed.” Doing a bit of sightseeing does the mind wonders, and in this case, it allows Dre’es to bring to life some of the most profound human emotions. As he revisits the past while riding on the back of an all-white pickup truck, Dre’es evolution as an artist is best coupled with raw emotion and nostalgia.

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