Mysonne – Mask Off


This song is being hailed by the click bait mafia as a Future diss. WRONG! Anyone who’s real will see what Mysonne is really trying to do. Quite simply he’s trying to save the youth. Percocets are an opiate. If you start using opiates, you will become an addict. Withdrawal from opiates is one of the most painful things a person can go through, hence the high relapse rate.

Mysonne cares about the future. Others who promote heavy usage of opiates despite not engaging in such behavior, care about themselves. We reached out to Mysonne about his motivation for the song and he told DGB “I just want to tell the facts!” I dare anyone to find something he says in the track that’s not factually accurate.


On a personal note, in the last few years, I’ve watched close friends struggle with and die from opiate addiction. I personally gave up on using the brand Drank and Dank after watching my brothers and sisters succumb to this plague. I couldn’t continue promoting genocide with a clear conscience. I salute those like Mysonne who will speak the unpopular truths that must be heard. Big pharma doesn’t care about you, the companies that own the labels and stations don’t care about you, many of your favorite artists don’t care about you. Thank God for the ones who do.

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