Mixtapes: Jay Montana – B4DACHECK

Mobile, AL rapper Jay Montana has been setting his city’s streets on fire for the better half of a year now, setting trends and influencing the larger artists from his burgeoning hometown rap scene who are already making a big splash in the mainstream industry. Montana draws influence from all of these artists and according to many is already perfecting the distinctive southern-fried sound and punchline prowess that characterizes the sound of Mobile.
The last twelve months have seen Tana become prolific and demonstrate the necessary consistency that is a must when trying to make it as an artist. His newest project “B4DACHECK” is his most concise and sonically-forward release he has offered us yet as he perfects his own style while pulling new flows out of his bag like it is nothing. At a young age Jay Montana is already demonstrating all of the skills and sensibilities that an artist needs to blow up and it is only a matter of time until the world gets hip to him. 

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