Landstrip Chip “Bottom”

Landstrip Chip

When burgeoning newcomer, Landstrip Chip released his project One on One in January I was immediately struck by the intriguing contrast of “Bottom,” the video he’s releasing today. If you were reading his lyrics on Genius, you’d think that this was a vibrant celebratory anthem of making it out of a tough situation. But when you combine his somewhat somber delivery with a grim beat from K Rich the effect is striking. It makes the listener question if the methods to success employed by Chip were ultimately worth escaping his situation. It’s a hard choice that far too many Americans have to make on a regular basis. However, in Landstrip’s case, the determined resolve of his bearing makes full use of the visual medium to convey his resoluteness. Make sure you check out the full project below, and also his since released album, Cruise Control here.

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