Kai Ca$h Is Making A Way Out With “No Remorse”

Kai - No Remorse

Kai Ca$h samples the classic dancehall ballad “Footprints” by T.O.K in new single, “No Remorse.”

The Brooklyn-based emcee gives an introspective overview of what it means to be a black man in America.

With a level of “clear devotion” that champions Ca$h’s steadfast disposition, he maneuvers through life’s unprecedented pressures with tactical precision, in terms of lyrical context.

“No Remorse” finds the buzzing artist spearheading the role as a voice for the unspoken and unheard.

Adversity builds character, but sometimes you have to have those uncomfortable conversations in order to get the bigger picture – or as Kai Ca$h says, “I want the listeners to paint the picture I’m explaining, to grasp onto these emotions and (hopefully) relate to feeling the same way I feel.” “I want this to help people that are usually sheltered with themselves to develop a sense of confidence within themselves,” he continues.

With the current state of social unrest running amok around the world, it’s refreshing to see more black voices transcend sound with meaningful prose.

Stream Kai Ca$h’s new single below.

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