Jonny Rambo drops ‘Evolution’ EP @nbkjonnyrambo

It’s one thing to just be a rapper, but another to keep it all the way real. Jonny Rambo, born Jonathan Hillman, prides himself on his authenticity, something that is evident in the Decatur, Ga rapper’s music and lifestyle. You can sense the refined rawness in his music as he aims to both uplift and turn up his listeners.  

Jonny Rambo is a newcomer on the music scene and just released his debut project, ‘Evolution’. As the title suggests, the rapper has evolved in just a short amount of time and is ready to share it with the world. “The people will always relate to me,” explains Rambo. “I’m just like them”. New and old fans can all attest to the versatility and honesty found in Jonny Rambo’s sound.

With his new project, Jonny Rambo is set to make his statement as a new artist and deliver a reflective body of work. ‘Evolution’ is a fresh perspective from Jonny Rambo and another example of his true realness and features 8 tracks all produced by Dunn on the beat. 

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