DGB Premiere: Jay Dot Rain – CFC3 “Cooley Fly Chronicles 3”

Jay Dot Rain

Jay Dot Rain is back with the third installment of his Cooley Fly Chronicles series; #CFC3. Already earning a reputation for releasing diverse, passionate, and thoughtful music, Jay Dot’s taken it to a new level with this project. Stalley, Scotty ATL & Lil Nardy also acquit themselves particularly well on the set’s features. The eclectic production is handled by a talented assortment of producers such as Nard & B and the Block Beattaz.

Often to make good music an artist must have diverse life experiences. In Jay Dot Rain‘s case, his have been particularly varied the last few years. It starts with being an Alabama native. The state known for its contribution to the most respected and historical Civil Rights Movement and his unconditional love for football plays a heavy part in his movement.

JDR’s knack for learning is displayed in the growth he shows seemingly with every release. Not only attending, but graduating from Alabama A&M University with a degree in Telecommunications, he also had a turn working at Slow Motion Soundz (G-Side, Block Beattaz), which he used to hone his abilities even further.

The majority of #CFC3 was actually recorded in Sweden with Slow Motion Soundz at their European studio. “I interned with Slow Motion Soundz while I was in college. At the time they were the number 5 indie label according to Billboard. I was there during the time they managed the biggest group to come from Alabama, G-Side. They put me up on a lot of game. I traveled, did artist development and eventually started moving on my own. SMS ended up branching out to working in Sweden, and they invited me over to do some shows, press and just see a different side of music.”

Undoubtedly JDR shows a lot of growth on this release. “The new sound is very different for me, but I think it’s the best definition of who Jay Dot is as an artist and where I’m going. Stalley & Scotty are mentors of mine and really want to see me shine.”

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