J’Amore Announces New TV Series

From The Phoenix Talent Agency & Esanty Productions. , It’s the Ghosts for me is also executive produced by J’Amore and is set to premiere on Netflix and on video-streaming service FOX+. The new six-part limited series features an unconventional hybrid of unscripted storytelling and documentary interviews with the key players whose stories are dramatized in the show.

In the series, J’Amore  follows the turbulent ride of Ghost hunting. His experiences include the investigation of the paranormal. This thrilling show sends viewers on a roller coaster of emotions. It is said to be the most wanted show of 2021. It’s the Ghosts for me stars a cast led by Business Mogul J’Amore

Weaving between scripted and non-scripted, J’Amores  storytelling techniques include humor and gratitude towards the spirits; as he is visiting real places that are haunted or deemed paranormal as well as real-life testimonials that help put the suspicion of if ghosts are real or not, once and for all.

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