J. Cole Premiere’s New Music Video “MIDDLE CHILD”

Middle Child Syndrome derives from an effect caused by the misappropriation of attention among a group of children. Theoretically, it has been said to stem from exclusion, the feeling of isolation that arises from being the second-born child out of a party of three. 

In layman’s terms, the track MIDDLE CHILD is Cole’s narrative that emphasizes his sense of estrangement. 

With announcing the release via Twitter last week, Dreamville nation couldn’t help but wait for the highly anticipated visual for this chart-topping record. 

Hip-hop has taken a shift, a change regarding what’s weighed or valued more heavily, influence or talent. Cole sits at the epicenter of it all, puzzled and dismayed by a drug-induced generation that doesn’t realize the depth of damage being done. However, a dual perspective is required in understanding the magnitude of the lessons that manifest over time as a byproduct of modern-day decadence. 

Cole’s humbleness was displayed in the way he paid homage to those that came before him in the industry, while prophetically advocating the new wave of artists to wake the f**k up.  

At the moment, it’s unclear whether or not MIDDLE CHILD will be treated as a single-release or if it’ll be included on a Cole full-length project.

However, there has been some speculation that maybe the record will make the cut for the Revenge of the Dreamers III compilation album set to release in April. 

Check out the video below.  

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