I Am NorthEast: The DGB Interview

I Am NorthEast is one of the fastest rising stars ever in the DMV. His last project Risking My Freedom has firmly cemented his movement in the city. He truly has the streets behind him. As he continues to grow musically so does his legend. Now it’s not just not the cluckers yelling out his signature Trappp catchphrase, it’s the whole metropolitan area

IANE has an authentic, gritty sound that encapsulates the harsh realities of living in Washington D.C. Trust me, it ain’t like what you see on House of Cards, or most media depictions of one of the most dangerous cities in America.

We discussed the city, his career, and Pyrex visions when we got up with him for I Am NorthEast: The DGB Interview

Do you think most listeners catch your lyrics? They’re often deeper than what you hear on the first listen.

Most listeners hear me the first time but I don’t think they really understand what I’m saying until after a few listens. Or until they go through a similar situation. Some of my closest friends come to me weeks after I release songs and be like “Damn I never knew that’s what you meant when you said this or when you said that until now.”

How would you describe your music?

I can’t really describe my music, but if I had to I would call it everyday life music or trap pain.

Risking My Freedom is the latest album from I Am NorthEast

What made you want to rap?

I started rapping because one of my bro’s was rapping and I was just gonna manage him because he was nice with it. He had to deal with some life issues outside of rap, so he quit music. He always told me it would make more sense if I rap because I have the storyline to do it. I had to make the decision whether to take a loss on the money I invested in his music or start rapping myself to keep it going. So I said fuck it and tried it.

Have you ever broke a pyrex before?

Hell yeah! I broke many Pyrex’s before. I also broke a glass mayonnaise jar one day. I didn’t have a Pyrex in the crib so I used a mayonnaise jar. When I pulled it out of the hot water to put it in the cold water the whole glass shattered. But the funny part is I didn’t lose any of it. I’m a kitchen magician.

What’s the best way to stash trap money?

I honestly don’t know the “best” way to stash trap money. If I did I probably wouldn’t say, but I have been reading up on stocks lately. So who knows.

How is NorthEast different than the rest of DC?

Every part of the city is different but Northeast we have a lot of finesse. For example if you’re selling a car for 5 thousand dollars a Northeast nigga will find a way to get that car from you for around 2-3k. We know how to move. We know how to think. We know how to hustle. Not to say that other areas in DC don’t have the same characteristics because they do and I fuck with every part of the city. But it’s just something about that Northeast concrete that makes you feel like anything is achievable.

Do you want a deal?

I don’t just want a deal, I want the right deal. Like a partnership with some people who’s ready to go just as hard for me as I would go.

What’s the best hustle?

The best hustle is any hustle. As long as you’re not sitting on your ass with your hand out. 

What’s something people don’t understand about DC?

People don’t understand that DC has some of the best talents on the planet in everything. I’m not just saying it because this is where I’m from, but it’s really a lot of creativity here. A lot of hunger also. We just get overlooked a lot.

Do you think DC has a musical style?

Yea we definitely have a music style. To be honest we have a lot of music styles. We have the Go-Go sound, we got the real raw gutter street shit (that’s the sound I have), the upcoming young niggas even have their own dope ass sound. That’s just to name a few. 

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me? I would have to say sign a few upcoming artists in a few cities. Not just trap artists, but different genres. Pop, r&b, Caribbean, etc… Just to open some doors for some people who deserve a chance. A few people shut the door on me before even giving me a chance. I know how it feels. Oh yeah and my Quarter Mill Without A Deal album by the end of the year! TRAPPPPP!!!!

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