How Did Fiend End Up On the Dipset/Byrdgang Mixtape?

The Diplomats self-titled mixtape series ultimately branched out as the group grew. Members started their own groups. Now they were even more likely to work with artists from all over the world. Of the various and disparate emcees the ‘Set collaborated with at this time, Fiend most resembled them in that he had truly worked with more far more rappers than your typical artist of the day.

How’d you end up on the Dipset mixtape?

Me and Jim hung out in Vegas at a music convention and just vibed out to one of my beats and the rest was history.

Did you make that beat? Were you impressed with Jim Jones verse

Did I make the beat? Yes. Was I impressed with Jim verse? Chit yeah, he ran dat b$txh.

Did you notice y’all had a nice musical charisma?

Did I notice we gel good in the studio? No doubt,real solid guy.

What was going on when y‘all made it? Were you together?

What was the reason in the same city? Music convention.

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