Goonew talks Retiring at 30, Homicide Boyz 2 & More

Emerging from Maryland, Goonew is in fact, not new to the wave of whispers going on throughout the sound of today’s Rap. Whether it’s his single projects or joint projects he manages to stand out from the pack of today’s artists with his captivating, yet uncanny sound. He recently dropped a joint project “Homicide Boyz 2” with Lil Dude in which has gained a great amount praise throughout media and streaming outlets.

We got the chance to speak with Goonew on his recent project, his life in Maryland and more.

Check out our exclusive interview below:

Mikala:  How are you? How are you handling the Quarantine 

Goonnew: I’ve been outside a little. I’ve been saving my money a lot. That’s all I’ve been doing foreal.

Mikala: (Laughs) You shop a lot?

Goonew: Yeah, I like to go to the store and pick it  up myself! I don’t really like ordering. I like to touch the jeans and shoes,try them on,  shit like that!

Mikala: What’s your favorite store?

Goonew: My main thing is Chanel and Balienciaga

Mikala: Oop! You real boujee! 

Goonew: (Laughs) Yeah but if I’m not in designer I like to wear up and coming brands. I like to put people on!

Mikala: How was it for you growing up in Forestville, Maryland

Goonew: It was tough around there. It still is tough out here. It’s still stuff going on til this day . That’s why I’m late for my interview! I’m sorry (laughs) I’m never late for interviews.

Mikala: Some rappers can’t go back to their City whenever they reach a certain level of success. Would you say that’s the case for you?

Goonew: It ain’t like a nigga can’t come back. The people that care for me and the people who have genuine love for me and want me on the right path, they don’t want me coming back but I still do. That’s just me, this is where I grew up, this my neighborhood. Nobody gone make me stop coming out there, maybe when I’m rich as hell but I’m still going to come around.

Mikala: So, I heard you were a big R&B fan?

Goonew: Yeah I am! That’s all I listen to. If I ain’t listening to Chief Keef, Herb or Durk I’m listening to Miguel!

Mikala: Oh my gosh…You like Miguel? SHUT UP!

Goonew: (Laughs) YUP, yes I do! That’s one of my fav artist.

Mikala: Oh my gosh, he’s one of my favorites! Do you like Frank Ocean?

Goonew: Yup!

Mikala: (Laughs) We’re going to be Best Friends! 

Goonew: Definitely going to be Best Friends! 

Mikala: (Laughs) Now, how did you make that transition into pursuing a rap career? 

Goonew: It was like a joke at first! I didn’t really feel it til my bro was like you should start rapping. I was like nah I ain’t rapping. I was a regular street dude outside. So my bro was like yeah man you need you to rap, I told him alright let’s go to the Stu! It was all fun and games till people started sending me DMs telling me I really could rap! I slept in the studio for a month straight! From there I made History. 

Mikala: What are the vibes like for you in the studio? 

Goonew: Vibes in the studio? Shit . . . Lean, gotta have some good Weed, gotta have some Percocets. If you ain’t got no Percocets or Lean I can’t rap. It’s not even a joke, I’ve been doing it for a long time. That’s just how I move! People be asking “ why you be whispering”? I be like mannnn that’s just how my voice is, I can’t change it, I be too high! 

Mikala: (Laughs)  So that’s where the whisper comes in? 

Goonew: Yeah ( laughs) they think I do it on purpose but I’m just high. 

Mikala: Ahhh so that’s like really your sound? 

Goonew: I’m not a loud person. I be laughing. People think I’m Hollywood, people say I always see you but I was scared to come up to you. I tell them you ain’t neva suppose to be scared to come up to me, you good! Before I called you I was just taking a picture. I like being cool with my fans. I don’t want them to know me, know me. I don’t think nobody will ever feel my pain. 

Mikala: Yeah! 

Goonew: If you hear in my raps I barely talk about pain foreal. I don’t really want to talk about it. I don’t want people in my business. 

Mikala: I feel that! Do you ever think you’ll get to a point where you’ll end up talking about your  pain in your music!? 

Goonew: I’m trying to retire rapping at 30! What you doing still rapping at 30? You should be teaching young niggas that rap is another way to get out of the hood or this way is another way to get out the hood . So I’m trying to stop at 30. 

Mikala: When you retire at 30 where do you see yourself? 

Goonew: Probably  somewhere in the house Coolin, feet up. Taking care of my Family. I’m a Family Man! I love my family to death. It’s just a couple of us. My homies are my family too. I’ll never leave none of my homies for nothing! 

Mikala: I think it’s really good that you have a set goal and you know at exactly what age you want to stop. You have it set in stone. 

Goonew: Yeah. You know being a rapper is a target. You a target out here foreal. People look at you as a big thing. I’m not trying to get on like Da Baby. He can’t even react how he want to anymore. I be seeing the internet bashing him. I be like damn why they bashing him like that. He’s a street dude. He came from the streets so it is different. It’s like . . . dang bro he event can’t react like how  he use to. I’m still learning that. People ride past like “GOON”! You can’t be doing that.  

Mikala: So do you constantly feel like you always have to watch your back with people, with your friends? 

Goonew: Nah, not with my homies. It’s always that one Nigga that you have to watch your back with. I’m not scared of nobody. I ain’t worried about no man. My men, we ain’t on  that back door shit. We don’t even worry about that. 

Mikala: If you could move anywhere, where would it be!? 

Goonew: Houston, Texas. 

Mikala: Really!? 

Goonew: Yeah I love Houston, Texas. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. I love Texas so much, I had a show out there where I was supposed to stay for 2 days. I stayed for a Week! 

Mikala: That’s so dope! I live in Dallas! Texas is definitely cool, it’s not too much but just enough to still have fun. 

Goonew: Yeah! 

Mikala: What would you say is the one thing that separates you from other artists?  

Goonew: I don’t think nobody in Maryland or Maryland rapper’s that have  been through  what I been through. I don’t know what they been through but I’m just putting out there. I done been through a lot of shit, I’ve seen a lot of shit. I’ve seen a lot of my homies die and that ain’t from no opps it’s on some good shit. You just gotta know who you’re around. 

Mikala: Now out of all your projects you ever did, which one is your favorite project? 

Goonew: I’m not gone lie, my favorite project is “Beware of Goon”.

Mikala: Why is that? 

Goonew: That tape, I real life grinded hard for that. All the hits where on there. 

Mikala: “Homicide Boyz 2” your joint project Lil Dude. How did that come about? 

Goonew: We brothers so it was natural. We make the studio time look funny, we make songs in like 20 mins. It took us two days to finish Homicide Boyz 2. 

Mikala: Wow, so how’s the chemistry in the studio with you guys? 

Goonew: That’s what i’m telling you, it’s too fast. We don’t ever have no arguments in the studio. You know how groups fall out? I don’t think me and bro could fall out. We too tight for that. We in this shit for the money. 

Mikala: What would you say is your favorite song on Homicide Boys 2? 

Goonew: “Real Steppers”! That’s the hardest thing right now. I’m not gone lie, I’m about to drop a lot of shit. 

Mikala: What would you say your goals as an artist are for 2020?

Goonew: My goal for 2020 is to get out the hood! I’m tryna get out the hood, that’s all. 

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