Exclusive: Outlaw Mel (The Outfit, TX) Talks About Dallas Culture + Music Scene and More!

Mel from The Outfit, TX is one of the most interesting, unique & intelligent personalities in rap. He is one of the brightest emerging stars coming out of the bubbling Dallas music scene and a true Day 1 family of the DGB brand.

We recently sat down with Outlaw Mel of The Outfit, TX for a very an in-depth “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation, he explained how The Outfit, TX was formed with JayHawk & Dorian, reveals the current status of The Outfit, TX & speaks on his solo material, the buzzing Dallas music scene, Dallas finally getting their due credit, Dallas culture, Dallas becoming the next center of rap, speaks on developing the unique sound of The Outfit, TX, regions having their own sound, Dallas embracing his sound & reveals he hasn’t listened to the album “Down By The Trinity” since they released it because it’s so personal, responds to Adam22’s recent comments that he was “washed” by Tay Money on his own song, speaks on constantly going viral on Twitter, recently touring the U.S. & Canada with Yelawolf, reveals Montreal was one of the craziest cities they performed at, explains what Dirty Glove Bastard means to him and much more! Check it out below.

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