Exclusive: 2KBABY Talks About Blowing Up w/ “Old Streets” + More

Last week we sat down with buzzing rapper 2KBABY for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation, he discussed blowing up in the summer, how his life has change since then, being raised in Louisville, catching his first buzz from his song “Southside Story”, the music scene in Louisville, moving to Atlanta to pursue his music career last year, practicing how to sing for the first time while on the drive to move to Atlanta, putting a lot of pain into his music, experimenting and perfecting his sound, his single “Old Streets” blowing up over the summer, his brother co-producing the song, signing with Warner Bros, gives advice for other young artists who are going through the process of meeting with labels, his new single “Dreaming”, his reaction to seeing LeBron James listening to his song, working with Sonny Digital, his upcoming EP “Pre-Game Rituals”, his goals for 2020 and much more! Watch below!

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